Best Way to Make Money on YouTube Videos

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A Comprehensive Guide to Making Money on YouTube Videos (2021)

Best Way to Make Money on YouTube Videos

Introduction: What is YouTube?

Making Money on YouTube Videos – YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website.In February 2005, three former PayPal workers came together to launch the website.

YouTube is a video-sharing website, which means that people can upload and watch videos on YouTube. Today YouTube is the world’s most popular video-sharing website, and it has over 1 billion users each month.

People upload all kinds of videos onto YouTube: music videos, television clips, movies and documentaries.

Anyone can upload their own video to YouTube, but it needs to be in a format that we call ‘video’.

You can also watch videos on YouTube by subscribing to channels and subscribing to playlists of videos sorted by category or topic.

A lot of YouTubers make money from the Partner Program. It’s a really great way to make money because you can monetize your videos. However, the Partner Program is not the only way to make money on YouTube.

You can also make money by selling merchandise, ads from YouTube Red, and more.

Your YouTube videos may be used to generate income in a variety of ways. If there’s one thing you want to do this year, it should be making a profit!

Making Money on YouTube with Partner Program

The Partner Program is YouTube’s revenue-sharing program which offers the opportunity to make money from YouTube videos.

The partner program has been around since 2007 and it is now available in over 100 countries.

The partner program has a set of requirements that need to be met before you can start making money on YouTube videos.

First, you must have a channel with at least 1000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of watch time in the past year.

You also need to upload at least 1,000 hours of content over the past year and your account must be in good standing.

YouTube’s Partner Program is an opportunity for those who want to make money on YouTube videos but do not have access to advertising or sponsorship opportunities like other channels do.

It’s also an opportunity for those who already have a YouTube channel, but may not be monetizing content due to ad-reach issues

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The Different Ways You Can Make Money on YouTube

Creators on YouTube can monetize their videos by signing up for the YouTube Partner Program, which allows them to earn money from advertising on their videos.

Some creators also sell digital products like e-books and offer paid subscriptions to exclusive content—such as behind-the-scenes clips or extra video content (aka “bonus”)—through the site’s partner program.

And some creators who produce live streams can make money through live events or selling merchandise.

YouTube also offers an AdSense program, which is a type of revenue share that allows almost anyone with an account to earn money for displaying ads (either text or video).

Some common ways you can make money from your YouTube videos:

You may not know this, but there are many ways to make money on YouTube. Some people think that you can only make money on YouTube if you have a lot of subscribers and/or viewers. However, the truth is that there are many smaller ways to make money on You Tube videos.

There are some common ways that you can make money on YouTube videos.

Earn through Adsense :

Google Adsense enables YouTube channels to earn money through the advertisements that appear on their videos.

YouTube also offers ways for all content creators to monetize their videos, such as live streamings or revenue from YouTube Red subscriptions.

This is when you allow ads to show on your video and Google will give you a percentage of the revenue generated from the ad click.

To set this up, you’ll need to get an account with Google Adsense and they will review your video before getting approval for it to show ads.

Earn through sponsorships :

which can generate anywhere from $2,000-$50,000 per year depending on the type of sponsor.

You’ll have to have an agreement in place with your sponsor before they start sending you money for views or clicks.

One example of this type of sponsorship would be when GoPro sponsored Casey Neistat’s YouTube channel, which generated an estimated $2.25 million in revenue.

How Much Money You Can Make on YouTube:

A lot of people are interested in YouTube these days. You can make a living by just uploading videos on the platform.

YouTube has proved that it is not just about entertainment or sports channels, even educational channels are popular now.

Lets look at some people turning to YouTube for full time income or even a six figure life.

In 2020, according to Forbes, the following 10 YouTube accounts will have made the most revenue:

  • Ryan Kaji is worth $29.5 million (41.7 million subscribers)
  • $24 million for Mr. Beast (Jimmy Donaldson) (47.8 million subscribers)
  • $23 million for Dude Perfect (57.5 million subscribers)
  • $20 million for Rhett & Link (41.8 million subscribers)
  • $19.5 million for Markiplier (Mark Fischbach) (27.8 million subscribers)
  • Preston Arsement has a net worth of $19 million (33.4 million subscribers)
  • $18.5 million Nastya (Anastasia Radzinskaya) (190.6 million subscribers)
  • $17 million for Blippi (Stevin John) (27.4 million subscribers)
  • $15.5 million for David Dobrik (18 million subscribers)
  • Jeffree Star has a net worth of $15 million (16.9 million subscribers)

What Kind of Content Do People Watch On Youtube?

People watch content on Youtube that is tailored to their interests.

Youtube uses AI to tailor content to your interests.

Youtube caters to the audience by providing them with the content they are most interested in watching. There are different types of content on Youtube, but it’s not limited to entertainment or educational material.

Youtube has become an indispensable resource for people who are looking for information about their hobbies or other interests.

Acknowledging and understanding your YouTube audience

It’s important to understand who you’re getting money from while learning how to make money from YouTube.

Creating your own audience puts you in a fantastic position to monetise your material in a number of ways, as you will see below.

It is only after you grasp your audience’s demographics that you will be able to take full advantage of the chances that present themselves.

When it comes to video makers who are interested in learning how to make money on YouTube, the more specialized their channel, the better position they will be in to work with companies that are targeting certain audiences (more on that later).

Watch out for the following signs that you should be on the lookout for:

  • See whether there is an imbalance in the genders of your audience.
  • The demographics of the majority of your audience.
  • Your videos are being seen in many nations and places throughout the world.
  • The amount of time your audience spends seeing your content.
  • There are several benefits to obtaining this demographic data, including an improved knowledge of your own audience and the ability to collaborate better with businesses.

While your YouTube statistics may provide you with a wealth of demographic information, a tool like Social Blade can help you benchmark your channel’s performance against others.

There are several methods to build a YouTube channel and generate money, so let’s get started with that.

Make Money on YouTube Besides the Partner Program

YouTube has a partner program that enables content creators to make money from their channel.

In order to benefit from this, YouTubers must meet certain criteria and the channel needs to have a minimum amount of views.

But there are many ways for YouTubers to make money from their channel without being part of the partner program.

The following are five other methods to generate money from YouTube outside from the company’s partner program. It is possible to choose one or a combination of them in order to optimize your earning potential.

Increase traffic to your blog or website in order to increase sales.

The golden rule in the world of online marketing is that if you want to make money online, you need a website. A website will make it easier for your viewers to find your videos and it will also help them find out more about you.

In order to make more sales through your site, you need content that’s relevant and entertaining enough to keep people coming back for more. Quality content attracts quality traffic, which increases the chances of making a sale.

YouTube is a popular media platform, and second most popular search engine and has more than 1 billion active users.

Therefore, if you want to drive traffic to your blog or website, then you should start by creating more content on YouTube. If people like what they see, they will follow your channel and subscribe to it.

Once they subscribe, they will be notified about new content that you upload. Soon enough, more people will start following your channel because of all the great videos that you make.

Eventually this will lead to an increase in sales on your blog or website because people are actively watching your videos and following your channel in order to see the new things that you post each time.

Some people find this content more trustable because they know this person is not trying to sell them something, but instead they are giving them advice for free.

Having a website is the best way to make money on YouTube. The reason for this is that videos can’t be seen without a website or blog to go with them.

let assume this as an example, Suppose you have an online course. You could broadcast one lesson from it on YouTube and then provide a link to your course where people may sign up to get all of the lessons.

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Sell Own Products or Services

It’s important to remember that YouTube is a search engine and you need to provide value and content for the viewers.

The most common way to make money on YouTube is through advertising revenue.

YouTube has so much traffic and is so good at promoting businesses that many home company owners utilize it nearly solely to advertise theirs. Instead of a blog, they utilize YouTube to share their knowledge, suggestions, and insights with their market in order to build trust and rapport.

You may promote your goods and services by demos, offering your knowledge and suggestions, answering questions, performing tutorials, and other methods similar to generating traffic to your website through video.

If you have a product or service, there are two ways you can make money from it on YouTube:

1) Sell your own products or services on the platform

2) Sell that product or service on another platform but advertise it through YouTube videos.

You can build an email list by providing valuable content, such as tutorials on how to use your product.

-You can ask viewers to subscribe to your email list in exchange for some freebies, such as tips and tricks on using your product.

Affiliate Marketing

There are many ways to make money on YouTube, but new and emerging way of making money on YouTube is affiliate marketing which is arguably the easiest and most lucrative.

Affiliate Marketing is a great way to make money online as it can be done from anywhere and at any time. You don’t need to spend years building a website or following the trends in social media.

It’s not unheard of for people working in affiliate marketing to make more than $100,000 a year.

As an affiliate marketer, You basically promote other people’s products and services in your videos, and once someone buys those products or services after clicking on your link, you get a commission from the sale.

As an affiliate marketer, The more traffic you can get to your website by posting videos on YouTube, the more likely you will be able to make money.

To be successful, you should create a YouTube channel centered on a certain specialty and then seek for affiliate goods and services that will answer the concerns of your target market in that area.

Start a healthy baking YouTube channel, for example, and obtain excellent baking equipment and healthy food selections via Amazon’s Associate’s program or other firms that sell baking goods.

Simply provide links to the goods you’re utilizing in the description of your YouTube video. Remember to include any mandatory disclaimers concerning affiliate links.

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In general, high traffic is required to sell advertising or acquire sponsorships for a YouTube video, but if your traffic is consistent and rising, you may be able to earn this form of money before you qualify for the YouTube Partnership Program.

Furthermore, selling advertising space or securing sponsorships has the potential to make more money than the YouTube Partner Program, making it a desirable endeavor to pursue.

You’ll need to reach out to businesses with a proposal if you want to sell advertisements or gain sponsorship. You must include the following information in your proposal:

  • Tell us about yourself and your YouTube channel. Make it a point to explain how your channel pertains to their company.
  • Share your YouTube channel and offer information on your degree of interaction, such as views, comments, likes, and so on. If you have a large social media following, you may share those figures to demonstrate your authority and influence.
  • Instead than talking about yourself, concentrate on how you can benefit the firm. Let them know if you’ve tried their product and how much you enjoyed it.
  • Pitch your concept. For example, you may write a review in exchange for a free product sample. You may also conduct a promotion for the firm in exchange for a monetary payout.
  • Prepare a media and sponsorship package to provide out to prospective advertisers and sponsors.


Crowdfunding is a great way for influencers to fund their projects, and it’s a lot more accessible than before. You can fund anything from a small project or cause that you find interesting, to something as big as an album or movie project.

Crowdfunding is a method in which individuals can solicit contributions from a large pool of people, typically in exchange for some sort of reward.

Crowdfunding is a way to help fund an individual or company’s needs without going through traditional options such as bank loans.

They have been used for a variety of purposes, from covering medical expenses to funding new inventions.

They are also used to fund artistic endeavors such as films and albums.

In the last five years, crowdfunding has been one of the fastest-growing entrepreneurial sectors in the US economy.

In 2011, over $1 billion was raised via crowdsourcing platforms for various purposes such as personal causes, entrepreneurial endeavors and philanthropic endeavors.

The first successful example of crowdfunding was conducted in 1997 by the non-profit organization ArtistShare which raised more than $100,000 from 2200 contributors to allow the rock band Phish to record their album “The Story Of The Ghost.”

What are the Challenges for Video Creators?

Lack of time.

The first challenge faced by video creators is the lack of time.

Many video creators and business owners face the same challenges: they don’t have enough time to produce content and grow their audience.

Video is a powerful way to communicate with your audience, but not everyone has the time or resources to create high-quality videos.

Video creators are faced with the challenge of limited time, and in this fast-paced world, we need quick and efficient ways to produce quality videos.

It takes time to produce a high-quality video and it is challenging for them to fit it into their busy schedules.

lack of funding.

The second challenge faced by video creators is the lack of funding.

Creating good quality video content isn’t cheap. Studios, locations, and equipment all require money.

The cost of producing a high-quality video can be very expensive and many struggle to finance it.

To help with these costs, platforms such as Kickstarter provide a platform for people to crowdsource funding for their projects.

Copyright infringement.

Thirdly, there are issues with copyright infringement.

Videos are often created without permission or attribution which can lead to legal problems.

Copyright law protects the original content creator’s work and the person who copied their work without permission can be sued by the original content creator.

These lawsuits are costly, time consuming, and not always successful.

Increasing competition in the industry.

The fourth major challenge that video creators face is the increasing competition in the industry.

The world of video production is changing.

Consumers are now looking for more creative content that has a personal touch.

These days, online video creators are facing stiff competition from not only other video creators but also the traditional media world.

The major challenge that these video creators face then is how to stand out in this highly competitive environment.

There has been an increasing number of people entering this field which means more competition for content producers who are looking for increased views on their videos.

There are countless videos being uploaded every day which makes it harder to stand out from the crowd and get noticed, even by people who unconsciously watch hours of video each day.

Lack of resources:

Sometimes it becomes difficult for producers and creators to find relevant and good quality footage, sound effects and music that they can use in their work.

Making Money on YouTube: How to Be Successful

Your success on YouTube, like with any other means of generating money in company, is highly dependent on how successfully you attract your target demographic.

While you do not need an expensive video production system, you do need to deliver high-quality material on a consistent basis and to market your films using tools and resources such as keywords and social media platforms, among other things.

In fact, if you want to earn money from YouTube, you need consider developing your channel in addition to creating videos that people want to watch.

Furthermore, YouTube is a social media site, which means you should seek engagement with your audience and be sensitive to their comments and interactions with you when they do so.

The more YouTube views you get and the more contact you have with your audience, the more money you will be able to generate. In reality, there are entrepreneurs that make a livelihood just from their YouTube videos.

Whether your goal is to become a well-known vlogger or to incorporate video into your present company in order to generate an extra source of revenue, YouTube makes it easy Using YouTube to sell and earn money at the same time has never been easier.

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Conclusion and Final Words about Making Money with Youtube Videos

Youtube videos are a good way to make money.

There are many ways that you can make money with Youtube videos. You can post sponsored videos, create your own products, or start a youtube channel with ads. All of these methods are easy enough to get started.

The downside is that it does require some work upfront to get the ball rolling.

But if you are willing to put in the work, YouTube can be an excellent way to supplement or replace your current income.

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