How to make YouTube videos without showing your face and make money

How to make youtube videos without showing your face
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Many people think to start their own YouTube channel and many people have good content but they hesitate to show a face in front of the camera.Today i will show you a very special solution for that and to make money on YouTube by without showing a face or voice .Do you think it is possible ?Yes it is possible to make money on YouTube without showing a face.(How to make YouTube videos without showing your face)

This article is about how to make money on YouTube without showing your face.I’m going to show you a straightforward strategy so that you can apply and start to work without wasting your good content  and start making money .

How do YouTube’s make money? 

Most of them make money through the Google Ad-sense program. Your channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 watch time hours over the last 12 months to get into it.

Meanwhile, you can promote your or other people’s products in your videos or their descriptions.(as a affiliate marketer)

The idea of starting a YouTube channel is tempting, but you have no idea how to create videos and don’t want to put your face in front of the camera?

Great news! You don’t have to show yourself on your videos.`

Normally people say to start a channel on animation, or relaxing music videos.

What i’m saying , you can do any type of videos at any selective niche with great content ideas and no need to show your face or voice , best solution is INVIDEO

What is InVideo?

INVIDEO is simply an online video creation software, that is easy to use, simple and super-fast.


  • Create professional videos, with pre-made templates, in minutes.
  • A media library filled with millions of images, videos, and music.
  • Easy to use editing tools; Trim clips, crop frames, loop video, and more, including advanced tools for those who want to dig in deeper.
  • Full control over your content and editing tools
  • Export high quality videos, upload to YouTube, share on blogs, and use anywhere.
  • No need to show any face, just a storyboard is enough to make high quality YouTube videos.


  • Over 1 Million royalty free stock videos and images
  • 3000 pre made video templates
  • Make videos in any language
  • Text to speech function (With over 20+ voices, male to female, and different accents!)
  • Reseller rights
  • Royalty free music
  • Article to Video (Link your blog article and create a whole video based on what you have written!) THIS IS THE COOL SPECIFICATION HERE IN INVIDEO.
  • Logo revealed (Great for branding, especially on YouTube)


InVideo allows you to start from scratch and build your video, add photos, texts, effects, overlay, shapes, music and more.

 On the other hand, it gives you the ability to jump start your work, and start with a quick video, professionally pre-made videos.

The dashboard also includes a library, which has Music, Photos, Shapes, Effects, and other elements.


You don’t need to be a video editor expert to create stunning videos with InVideo. 

As you start a new project, you’re greeted with this page, where you can select the type of video.

How to make YouTube videos without showing your face

To start creating videos, all you need to do is sign up for a free account by clicking on “sign up now” .

After signup the main page will be displayed as below.

How to make YouTube videos without showing your face

 you’ll notice three options. 

  • choose a video template (pre made templates)
  • convert your script into a video(text to video)
  • build your video from scratch.(blank template)

Choose a video template (pre made templates)

creating a video using existing templates, simply click on “start now” below “readymade templates”. 

Then, pick the theme of your video and start replacing the images, text and footage of the template with ones of your choice, relevant to the video you wish to create. 

Then simply add any final touches to your video, review your video and export it.

convert your script into a video(text to video)

This is the main thing (you can create any videos without showing a face or voice )

You should have a script or content  you wish to turn into a video.

Select a template and storyboard  and add your script.

This software will automatically assign some videos and images for your script .If you need to change any videos or image you can easily change just by drag and drop.

Then move to next option audio/voice,If you want to give your own voice you can or else you can select a automatic text to human voice (male female based on ages)

Then you can export a video and you can upload it on youtube.

By using this strategy you can create your own content videos and starts to earn money

Build your video from scratch.(blank template)

 you to build your own video from scratch. 

When you choose this option, you’ll need to first select the dimension of the video you want to create. 16:9 if you’re creating a Youtube or Facebook video, 9:16 if you’re creating an Instagram story or an IGTV video (which is Instagram’s video platform) or 1:1 if you’re creating an Instagram or Facebook video.

Just create a video on your ideas and export the project.


INVIDEO is a paid plan but you can also use this for free train but watermark will come at the time of exporting the project 

It is available for both monthly and yearly plans.

How to make YouTube videos without showing your face
How to make YouTube videos without showing your face

So don’t wait ,start making video and start your youtube channel and starts earning money 

Hereafter no excuse by saying shy or hesitate to make videos .

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let us discuss some more ideas on make money in YouTube without showing a face

These are all the top ideas for making a videos without showing a face and make money on youtube.

Using the PowerPoint slides. 

You may actually use slideshow slides produced by Microsoft Word or PowerPoint to use them to build voice over videos in order to be more innovative. 

You may also use Google Slides to create presentations and then use the presentations to create images. 

It is actually good to make explanatory videos to illustrate these principles. 

With quick and stylish animations produced with After Effects you can generate simple looking yet skilled YouTube footage. 

PowerPoint provides a function that enables you to capture your slideshow to film and even record the description for your slideshow. It would finally export it into a video. 

If you don’t want to expose your face and create videos on YouTube, and if you are not yet willing to take the move to make videos on YouTube in “Presentation Style” then you might want to start with only “Presentation style” videos. 

YouTube videos were made utilizing the slideshow slides, and produces videos for over a hundred thousand viewers.

Create Whiteboard Animations

One of my favorite ways to do while launching a YouTube channel is to not reveal your face. 

You can make cool whiteboard animation videos using apps like VideoScribe or Doodly and can get started after seeing some tutorials online videos. 

This style of video is fantastic whether you choose to make a party-related video or an informational video on the topic of the video. 

Whiteboard animations are also a perfect way to make marketing videos for your company and can also also be included in instructional material.

Screen recordings or screen-captures. 

You’ve also seen videos from site designers on how to perform different tasks online by capturing their device and cell phone screens. You could have watched the tutorials. 

You may also film a video such as this and place it on YouTube to launch your YouTube Page. 

There are very many screen capturing softwares eligible for free from the internet, such as ScreenFlow, Screenr, or OBS. 

A laptop program called camtasia is used to build screen capturing images. If you don’t want to purchase those apps for free, you should try screen recording software. 

You are able to use resources like screen recording apps to build a variety of tips and how to videos on a lot of topics. 

  • How to mount, use, and upgrade a software. 
  • Registering yourself to a specific platform or operation. 
  • And different stuff to do on the internet.

Build high-quality animation videos. 

If you’re concerned about not being able to reveal your face, another fun approach is to make animation images. 

If you are fantastic at making artwork that is flashy and fun, you can do it yourself or recruit anyone from Fiverr (FiveRings) or Freelancer to do the job for you. 

Want to save time and resources by making animation videos?

Well, now, Indian well established YouTuber Angry Prash (indian YouTuber) began his YouTube channel with a picture he created on a free MS paint software and now he has millions of subscribers. 

In almost every niche, videos, if performed correctly, can be efficient. You may use videos to make explanations, lessons, how-to guides, and other related forms of videos.

Product Reviews and DIY videos

This is really an awesome way to generate and post videos without revealing your face. 

You may make a YouTube video where you illustrate how a product functions or even demonstrate you using a product. 

Unboxing videos are another perfect way to build video content that does not have a clear persona.

Only highlight all the functionality of a product without any presentation and intervention. 

Another niche to produce faceless content on YouTube is to make for yourselves (DIY). This channel of “5 Minutes Crafts” has over 54 million viewers, producing content about DIYs and lifehacks.

Create your own gaming channel or videos that contain game-play. 

YouTube gaming is one of the most common topics on the web. 

If you are not trying to open a gaming site, I recommend using your gameplay videos to create voice over movies for other industries. 

There are several ways you can make money by utilizing your gaming footage. You can screen your gaming videos and narrate them behind-the-scenes. This is a very effective way to reach the listeners. 

You will get free to use game play videos for you free from YouTube.


The primary emphasis of the podcast is in its audio so you don’t have to be on camera if you don’t want to. 

Edit your podcast with material specific to your interest. You may use a static picture and a captured audio to create a visual visualization of your work. 

You may also build moving graphics and infographics and use them in your podcasts.

Stock Footage

If you choose to make videos that are not recognizable, try utilizing stock footage. 

You can find free stock photographs from Unsplash , free stock videos from Pixabay , and free stock videos from Pexels . 

Use a template to film the required voiceover on the photographs and stock footage, and then edit together a competent faceless recording. 

Music Videos

If you are a recording artist and want to sell your songs online, then you are entitled to view yourself freely. 

Either use only your hands playing guitar or perform the music you used with the practical program. 

You may even share your song lyric video on your own channel. 

Cooking videos without showing  facial gestures. 

If you want to start a YouTube cooking site, you can use this application without revealing your face. 

Present your spices and center your camera on the gas or oven and show your viewers combining and stirring with only your side. 

You will make an amazing cooking tutorial without revealing your face. 


Travel is one of the most famous YouTube. If you are a tourist, so you  should post video clips of your travels to other users. 

You can choose your camera and take pretty pictures of your ride to where you’re headed. You may use drone shots to reveal more of your home. 

Educational Videos

If you choose to make teaching videos to display people, you don’t have to use your face. 

Google Slides and Youtube are excellent forms of illustrating details.

Above are the some tips or ideas to show you that you can make money on youtube without showing your face

The video methods utilized by the popular networks are quite excellent. 

All of the YouTube channel ideas above have something in common, they may not have the video of the person. 

Video Techniques needs to follow

  • The step-by-step approach to get things finished. 
  • Pointing a camera over the arm (on a tripod) and capturing both their hands. 
  • Recording footage using a video recording app such as filmora. 
  • Renovating using duplicated or public domain video. 
  • Google may be used to build stand-alone slideshows and incorporate a spoken soundtrack. 
  • Animated videos made with easy-to-use animation tools. 

These are just a few tips – if you would like to see some, drop a comment below.

If you have your channel set to go, you will receive an income from your YouTube channel using two methods. (How to make YouTube videos without showing your face)

  • To be able to make revenue from YouTube, a channel must have at least 1000 viewers and 4000 watch hours. 
  • Using affiliate marketing with the assistance of which you can advertise the goods and receive commissions for the products. 

I hope that this will be a decent starting point for you on YouTube career.

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