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What is GMass

Gmass reviews

Gmass reviews-Mail merge campaigns may be run straight from your Gmail account using GMass, which is a powerful email marketing tool that can be accessed from any device.

Sales and revenue growth, as well as a higher rate of return on investment, are just a few of the advantages of using this approach.

Email scheduling, bulk emailing and mail merging campaigns, linking to Google Sheets, and other functions are all made easy with Gmail’s new GMass tool, which is available as a free download.

Streamlining the email process and boosting conversions in a short amount of time are two benefits of using it.

This popular Chrome plugin is utilized by employees from businesses such as Uber, Twitter, Linked In, and Google, among others, because of its powerful mail merging capabilities.

You may use GMass to enhance your email campaigns and streamline the mail merge process by automating follow-ups, advanced customization, circumventing Gmail’s sending restrictions, recurring automated campaigns linked to a particular spreadsheet, among other things.

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Is GMass a safe product to use?Gmass reviews

Due to the fact that GMass takes data privacy very seriously, and since the tool has been certified by Gmail, it is fair to assume that GMass is completely secure.

Examine how GMass ensures the safety and security of its users in greater depth below.

GMass’s approach to handling your information

To put it simply, GMass is a service that transmits data (email addresses and associated identities, as well as other information) between your Gmail account and other accounts.

This procedure is carried out in a secure manner, using SSL, to guarantee that the data cannot be taken by hackers.

As with other reliable email marketing systems, GMass saves the emails you send out in a database for future reference.

GMass uses this in order to keep track of your outreach success and to record statistics such as openings and clicks on your emails.

Remember that GMass only saves the email addresses of your recipients, not the content of your emails, which is essential to keep in mind.

GMass’s database is protected by two levels of firewalls, resulting in an exceptionally high level of security.

Furthermore, GMass does not disclose any email information to any other parties. It is sufficient to state that when you use GMass, your data and that of your subscribers are protected.

GMass has received the support of GoogleGmass reviews

GMass was first made available as an official Gmail add-on in the year 2018.

It is a Gmail add-on that enables you to access it straight from your Gmail interface on both desktop and mobile devices. Gmass is available for both desktop and mobile platforms (Android).

The Gmail add-on does not provide any extra protection to your email account.

Important to note is that in order to be approved as a Gmail Add-on, an application must be carefully examined and approved by the Google Mail team before being released.

The fact that GMass has been approved by Google attests to the tool’s security and good reputation since Google takes Gmail addon approval extremely seriously in order to protect its users’ security.

According to GMass, Google employees make use of the tool, which is surprising!

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Several reasons why some individuals may be afraid about GMass

Some people are concerned by the fact that GMass explicitly says that it allows spammers to make use of the service. There is, however, no reason to be concerned about this.

GMass was developed by Ajay Goel, who describes how it works:

“GMass was created to be an unmonitored system by design.

The reason I decided to handle it this way is that Google already takes care of shutting down spammer accounts for us, so there is really no need for GMass to have its own monitoring system in place.”

Keep in mind that GMass is simply a tool that allows you to send emails from your Google Mail account.

In fact, spammers are able to take advantage of GMass, but in the end, it is Google’s duty to delete these accounts.

The spammers that utilize GMass have no effect on the delivery or status of your Gmail account, which is another advantage of the service.

GMass Features-Gmass reviews

  • Mass email in gmail
  • mail merge with google sheets
  • Email Reporting Analytics
  • Personalization
  • Automatic Follow-up Emails
  • Schedule Mass emails and Mail Merges
  • Behavior-based Campaigns
  • Reply Management
  • Email List Builder

GMass Benefits Overview

Send Mass and Cold Emails in Gmail

GMass transforms your normal Gmail or G Suite account into a powerful mass and cold emailing tool that you can use from anywhere.

When you launch bulk or cold email campaigns from Gmail, you are sending emails via some of the world’s most reliable servers in terms of deliverability and reliability.

Take note: you will experience the greatest open rates you have ever experienced with a bulk email provider.

Open monitoring, click tracking, mail merge customization, scheduling, and more capabilities are available for mass and cold email campaigns.

Send out large groups of emailsGmass reviews

It has never been simpler to send out large groups of emails.

You may have fantasized about the ease with which you might send out large batches of welcome emails, invoices, and internal communications by just sending a Gmail from your personal account. It is now possible.

Our mass email service enables you to transform the email platform you currently use into a strong mass email tool for your company, whether it’s for a first-time cold email campaign or a follow-up mass email campaign.(Gmass reviews)

Break beyond Gmail’s sending limitations to reach a wider audience.

Google’s platforms only enable you to send emails to a limited number of individuals at a time if you do not use GMass.

For G Suite, this implies that you can only reach a maximum of 2,000 individuals.

With Gmail, the maximum number of recipients is limited to 500 individuals. That just isn’t good enough when it comes to bulk emailing efforts!

GMass makes use of an innovative email distribution mechanism to alleviate this burden on your shoulders.

When GMass detects that you are trying to send a newsletter to more than 500 individuals using a Gmail account (or 2,000 people using a G Suite account), it automatically distributes the emails over a period of several days to ensure that everyone receives them.

So, even if you have 8,000 individuals on your mailing list, you can click the “send” button just once and be certain that GMass will ensure that all of your newsletters are sent.

That is one of the aspects that distinguishes GMass as a superior bulk email service.

Avoid the Spam folder for your cold emails

With the bulk email solution, you can avoid having your cold emails end up in the Spam folder.

Sending a large number of cold emails may significantly increase the chance that your email will wind up in the spam folder of the receiver.

Up to 21% of those who get bulk emails will have their spam filters flag it as such.

GMass’s sophisticated email distribution mechanism, which is designed to evade detection by spam filters, assists in overcoming this extremely frequent stumbling point.

Spyware and spam filters are intended to filter out unwanted bulk emails, as well as analyze the content of an email to decide whether or not your communication is relevant to the receiver.(Gmass reviews)

GMass significantly increases the delivery rate of your bulk emails by controlling the individual distribution of your emails and infusing them with personalization. This is in comparison to a normal cold or mass email.

Because we send your cold emails straight from Gmail, your emails are sent from the world’s most reliable servers, ensuring that they reach your intended recipients.

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Composing Emails Is SimpleGmass reviews

When you use GMass, creating an email that is visually appealing is not an issue.

You may write your message in the same manner as you would any other, and you can include inline pictures to make it more visually appealing.

When necessary, you may also attach papers and other types of files.

Consequently, you won’t have to deal with more complicated email builders anymore.

Therefore, since you are using an interface that you are acquainted with, you will be able to work more quickly.

Email Lists That Are Easily Accessible(Gmass reviews)

The fact that GMass integrates with Google Sheets implies that you can quickly and easily upload your email lists to the solution.

Other necessary fields, if they are present in your file, may be filled up automatically as a result of this feature as well.

Aside from that, GMass may generate email lists depending on the results of your past campaigns.

This saves you the bother and time of having to manually add recipients to your campaign one at a time over and over once again.

As a result, you will be able to communicate with your target audiences in a more timely way.

Follow-ups that are automated

In the event that individuals do not respond to your emails, GMass enters autopilot mode and sends them follow-up messages on their behalf.

It will continue to do so until the recipients either reply to your email or at the very least open it.

You will be able to improve your engagement rate with your target market as a result of this.

Emails that are received as replies

GMass has an email as reply feature that allows you to send emails in mass as replies to earlier messages while making them seem as if you authored them specifically for the receiver of the message.

You will increase your chances of getting a response in this manner.

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Enhanced Distribution Technology

Gmail restricts its bulk mailing capabilities to groups of no more than 500 individuals. GMass can help you if you need to send your campaign to a larger number of people than those listed above.

The solution is equipped with improved distribution technology, which allows it to circumvent the sending limitations.

It also makes certain that they are not sent over a period of many days, in order to avoid violating the email service’s regulations.

Mail merge with Google Sheets

Google Sheets may be used to do mail merging operations.(Gmass reviews)

CSV files will no longer exist. Create a connection to Google Sheets in order to send a customized mass email based on any of the columns in your sheet.

Mass email based on search resultsGmass reviews

Based on search results, send out a large number of emails.

Make use of Gmail’s strong search function to locate messages that include the names of people you wish to send an email to.

Then click the Create Email List button, and a Compose window will appear, including all of the email addresses that were discovered in those previous messages.

This is the first and only bulk email service to do so!

Schedule Mass Emails

When sending a bulk email in Gmail, you may now schedule it to be delivered at a later time.

In the GMass Settings box, while you’re writing a mass email, you may access your scheduling options by clicking the GMass “arrow” to bring up the GMass Settings box.

You may choose a future time from a selection of pre-configured options, or you can input a custom date and time.

All timings are in the time zone that your computer is currently in.

After you have chosen a day and time, just click the main GMass button to schedule your email as you would normally. Your emails will be sent out at the time that has been set.

Alternatively, if you have scheduled an email and later decide that you want to change the date or time, you may locate the email in your Drafts folder and send it immediately.

All planned GMass campaigns will additionally have the label “GMass Scheduled” added to the Draft in addition to the campaign information.

From there, click the GMass settings “arrow” once again, and either change the date/time or choose now and then click the main GMass button once more.

You may also make changes to the other options, such as Open Tracking or whether fresh messages are sent instead of responses.

Immediately after the distribution of the mass email, the original draft with the label “GMass Scheduled” will be removed from your account.

A campaign focused on subscriber engagement

You may now send a new campaign based on prior campaign activities performed by your contacts.

Would you want to send a follow-up email to everyone who didn’t open your last campaign?

That’s something you can do.

Do you want to send a follow-up email to everyone who OPENED but DIDN’T CLICK on your previous campaign?

You can do it as well.

Or maybe you just want to deliver a new campaign to everyone who got a prior one.

Next to the Search box, click the “follow up” option. It’s an arrow-shaped @ sign.

When you click the button, a window will appear, allowing you to choose a previous campaign and then the behavioral segment to whom you wish to send a follow-up campaign.

If your initial campaign was built on a Google Docs spreadsheet, GMass will link to that spreadsheet to enable you to customize the follow-up with the same information.

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To whom GMass Intended For?(Gmass reviews)

  • Owners of small businesses
  • Digital Marketers
  • Online Entrepreneurs
  • Teams and individuals that need to send out a large number of emails.
  • Anyone in need of an email marketing solution with customization and tracking.

Pros and Cons

Pros in Gmass

  • A free account allows you to send 50 emails each day.
  • Increase your daily send limit with a low-cost upgrade option (monthly or annual plan).
  • It’s straightforward and simple.
  • The documentation is excellent, so get started.
  • It allows you to address the recipient by name and include a “unsubscribe” link to the bottom of the email.

Cons in Gmass

  • With GMass’ Chrome plugin, it only works on Google Chrome.
  • There is no A/B testing.
  • There is no customer service accessible right now.

Why GMass Recomended

  • You may try out the service with a free account that enables you to send 50 emails each day.
  • Upgrade alternatives that are within your budget
  • It makes use of the standard Gmail interface.
  • Setup is simple thanks to a Chrome plugin.

Take a look at what this application can achieve for your company…


However, although utilizing a third-party application to send emails from your Gmail account may seem questionable to some, the GMass system is a respectable and well-trusted system.

Due to the fact that GMass is very rigorous about data security, as well as the fact that Gmail has certified GMass, it is reasonable to assume that GMass is completely secure to use.

However, if you still have concerns about GMass, there are a variety of alternatives to GMass that you may find more appealing.

However, even if you are confident in GMass’s reliability, it may be beneficial to check how the company compares to its rivals in terms of reliability.

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