Best Keyword Research Tools In SEO -2021.

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keyword research tools for seo

Would you like to hear about the best  keyword research tools in SEO?

Keyword Research is one of the most important SEO activities. But do you ask: How do I come up with keywords? Now what do you do if you experience those situations? This article will guide you completely about the keyword research from scratch.!.ENJOYYYY.

There are many keyword research tools available in the market as a beginner in seo. it’s very difficult to find the correct tools.This article will completely guide you to choose the best keyword research tools in seo.

lets begin..,.

So,before going to the main topic let’s discuss the basics on what is keyword research and why it’s important in terms of seo.

What is Keyword Research?

Keyword research is the method of gathering and evaluating search words people enter in search engines with the intention of utilizing the data for your SEO or marketing purposes. 

The SEO practice of keyword analysis is an analysis of the terms we use in an effort to properly figure out what other people are looking for. 


Business research for the 21st century is keyword research.

Keyword analysis is the first move towards every SEO initiative. By researching and choosing the most suitable keywords, you are able to rank well in search engines for that subject. 

High ranks in search engines encourage site traffic, which have the value of promoting products/services.

Keywords are like a map for the success of the SEO promotions. 

Using keywords can make you understand your intended audience easier. That’s because keyword research offers you a detailed perspective into what consumers are looking for… and exactly what terms and phrases they use to do this.

What is a keyword research tool?

A keyword research tool is all that can assist you with discovering new keywords,with keyword research tools, you can locate search-related keyword ideas that individuals are looking for on search engines .

Using this, you would be able to discover specific content that your audiences are searching for. If you’ve planned your content strategy, you should concentrate on discussing certain topics in your blog posts or articles.

Another important method in keyword research tools, which allow you to see not only seed keywords but also long-tail keywords where your competitors are ranking for.

You will then work on developing the content on certain keywords and move them away from your competitors.

However, before doing so, it might be helpful to review the best keyword research tools in seo, so that you may use them and succeed.


“What is the easiest and best  keyword research tool for a blogger as a beginner ??”

My best answer is : SEMRUSH 

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- SEMRUSH

SEMRUSH is not a traditional keyword research tool; it offers so much more than just keyword research.It also provides additional keyword research features.That is why i prefer a semrush for keyword research tools in seo. 

It let you perform keyword research in multiple ways:


  • Find keywords using a Seed Keyword.
  • Find Keywords that your competitors drive traffic.

SEMrush is among the most common SEO tools used all over the world. I find it incredibly helpful for doing keyword search.

If you want to invest in a keyword research tool, then I Personally suggest SEMrush. 100% worth your pay.

This is because SEMrush is a fairly large time-saver ad it has huge det abase on keywords. 


Instead of popping meaningless keywords into a search tool, SEMrush tells you precisely which keywords you should be going for to enhance the website. 

So, if you have a site that’s against everything in SEO, just throw it into SEMrush.

i can able to read your mind- I do not understand why SEMrush should be so unique. Will it help boost search engine optimization ( seo) of my website 

Yeah, there are a number of keyword analysis methods, and each of them is fantastic in their own fields. I strongly encourage the usage of SEMrush for the following purposes. 

  • Significant number of data on keywords. 
  • Check out what’s actually going. 
  • Competitor analysis 
  • Search for new ideas.
  • Track rankings
  • Keep your site updated with Google’s content filters
  • Backlink Analysis 

Their keyword research utilizes four distinct research elements: 

  • Keyword Overview
  • Magic Tool
  • Keyword Manager
  • Organic Traffic Insights
Keyword Research Tools For Seo- SEMRUSH

This can help you discover the most powerful keywords and phrases to use on your blog and on your website. 

This blog post will teach you how to build the best content that inspires people to visit your site.

The keyword overview tool helps you to perform a full scale review of the keyword you have in mind to generate content with it, and also shows you the related competition behind it. 

You enter a selected keyword (as discussed earlier)  in the search bar and the whole thing starts to work, you just sit back and wait. 

When the tool runs the chosen keywords, you will be provided with a lot of cool facts and data about the keyword.

 I recommend that you find out some of the details available regarding this topic before writing a blog post. (keyword research in seo)

In the screenshot above you can see that we have checked all the useful details about the topic “social media marketing” that we have heard about on the internet.


  • It’s easy to use.
  • Semrush brings you everything you need to know about a website in one location, in an organized manner.
  • The link building functionality provided by Semrush is top-notch.
  • Site auditing function offers you step-by-step guidance for concrete technological SEO and on-page SEO enhancements.
  • While it contains a vast volume of details, Semrush’s interface is organized functionally, and it’s both interactive and data analysis for better understanding.


  • it is solely built to provide data for just one search engine, Google
  • A Semrush package is only sold with only one user account — and obtaining additional seats is pricey.
  • While this free trial is extremely beneficial, you are required to enter your credit card information before you can begin using it.
  • Some competitive analysis features cost an additional $200 per month beyond the base rate.


Ahrefs is the another best Keyword Research Tools in Seo, expertly driven by details. (im not a affiliate in ahrefs but still i recommended to use this for keyword research)

Ahrefs crawl the internet, which is a huge quantity of data to have gathered and processed. 

These data points may be used for generating Keyword research, link creation, writing material, competitive research, website audits and meta-searching. 

The online marketing tool eventually aims to accelerate the development of organic SEO traffic to a website.

Instead of basic keyword selecting, Ahrefs has  a versatile method that tells you precisely what keywords a competitor site ranks for.

Simply follow with me guys 100% it will work.

Step 1: choose a long tail keyword which you need to rank .

In my case im choosing “how to make money online without any investment”

About 625k results came for a search. And the monthly search volume is about 3600. Really a good keyword .

Let’s begin a trick .

Step 2: site explorer.

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- AHREFS

Open the ahrefs and select a site explorer.

Step 3: copy paste a url

Just enter a site url (copy paste )and click search .you will find all results about that particular site.

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- AHREFS

You can notice here that this site has 267k organic keywords.

Step 4: fix kd to 7 or below & monthly search volume min 200-300

Fix a kd to 7 or below and monthly volume to min 300 for easy ranking and begin a search.

Here are the results .

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- AHREFS

Step 5: SERP

Just select serp you will notice what are all the sites ranked for that particular keyword.

So what you need to notice in the filtered results ?

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- AHREFS SERP


Simply notice a DOMAIN RANKING ,it should be more than a million because you can easily do compassion to that site .

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- AHREFS DOMAIN RANKING

Here you can notice that site having a 7.5m ranking and poor backlink .


Choose that keyword and start writing content more than a competitor but don’t spam.

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- AHREFS - CHOOSE EXACT KEYWORD


if your competitors content was 5000 words then you must write a detailed content more than 6000 words to beat and rank on that position.


  • Backlink checker – It has a huge database of links and will help you keep track of new links as well as researching a competitor’s links.
  • Keyword research – Finding keywords is the most important step in any SEO campaign. Ahrefs will help you find the perfect keyword to rank in Google and helps to get organic traffic.
  • one of the best tools to find Google Features, included Featured Snippets, Knowledge Panels and more. 


  • Pricing many can’t afford (small bloggers) it’s about $99/m .
  • No free trials.


KWFinder is an excellent tool developed by Mangools.and one of the best Keyword Research Tools in Seo

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- KWFINDER

Simplicity is a big aspect of this tools. The interface is basic, simple functions are quick to use, and you are not hampered by the overwhelming amount of dashboards.

Keyword Research Tools For Seo- KWFINDER

It’s about so much more than just being creative in design.

Its keyword database yields tens of thousands of keywords per month, along with search-volume 

KWFinder lets you get the keyword for strongly focused traffic driving.

For the most part, it is a reliable approach for most individuals, but it may not be the best approach for every individual.

So let’s see if KWFinder is a worthy investment.

Not only that kwfinder can Easily Evaluate SERP Competition Strength


When people look for information using a search engine, such as Google, search engine results pages (SERPs) are web pages shown to those searchers.

In SERP (search engine result page), the user enters their search question, which may be in the form of basic keywords and phrases known as keywords.

Not only are you presented with simple information such as the amount of backlinks, site authority, and page authority, but also in-depth metrics such as domain flow and comparison flow.

But the greatest thing is the LPS” (Link Profile Strength).


  • It’s potentially the most user-friendly keyword analysis tool around.
  • On the market, Keyword Tool provides the most intuitive user interface.
  • Data aggregation for keyword analysis: Strong
  • top-notch assistance
  • a low-cost keyword research platform to purchase


  • Unconfigurable SERP Checker overview
  • unideal for competitor analysis

KWFinder has free and premium plans. The simple package is the safest for most users.

Using the 10 day trial account to verify the reliability of the testing program for keywords by KWFinder.


One of the greatest difficulties you can face while operating on a micro-niche blog is discovering the best keywords that generate traffic, are easy to rank, and produce a decent amount of revenue.


LongTailPro is a Keyword Research Tools in Seo that is accessible on both Windows and Mac computers.

One nice thing about LongTailPro is that even though you are a beginner, you won’t have to know a lot about SEO to make effective use of these tools. The user interface is quick to navigate and to grasp.

This may sound very uncomfortable at first, but you will get used to it shortly.

I encourage you to sign up for their trial so that you can have the chance to test it out for yourself


This SEO tool is more than just an interesting keyword tool, since it is full of several functions.

Here are some of the features you want to test it immediately:

  • Create keywords based on your keyword seed. 
  • Export Excel spreadsheet keywords.
  • come up with long-tail high-CPC keywords (great for increasing AdSense revenue).
  • Testing for usable domain names. If you’re building a micro-niche site, then you can use LongTailPro to recommend available, keyword-rich domain names.
  • Check for the keywords in Google, Yahoo, and Bing to see where they rank.
  • A keyword competition checker.
  • Also using best keywords to grow.


  • it is user friendly and completely suitable for beginners and new bloggers
  • having all the keyword matrices to find a perfect keyword 
  • best ui .


  • No free versions.
  • need to pay for extra features.
  • not that much advanced when compared to semrush and ahrefs.

This tool can allow you to discover long-tail keywords with a strong AdSense CPC value so that you can use such long-tail keywords as sources of secondary revenue for your site.

This investment is certainly worthwhile for the capital, as the price tag is $47/month.


Google’s Keyword Planner truly is intended for marketers who want to use Google to run their advertising.


It is still a valuable SEO system, though, and it’s free to use, unlike most paying tools.

You need a Google Advertising account in order to use it. You would then have to build one and input your billing information if you do not already have one, but do not have to operate an active advertisement or pay for it.

The Keyword Planner will help you perform research on keywords for your Search campaigns.

This free keyword research tool allows you to uncover keywords that are related to your business and predict the amount of queries and cost-per-click (CPC) it would take to target them.

Other than only creating Search campaigns around keyword research, Keyword Planner often offers a tool for building them that’s based on the usage of unique keywords.


Find new keywords: Get keyword ideas for your items, services or website.

See monthly searches: See the quest statistics for a keyword per month.

Price: see the average cost of your ad to appear on a keyword search.

Organize keywords: See how the keywords fall into various brand categories.

Build new campaigns: use the keyword strategy to create new campaigns based on comprehensive analysis of keywords.

It is essential to be mindful that while Keyword Planner may offer insight into keyword targeting, there are a number of variables that affect campaigning efficiency.


  • Data is obtained from Google directly.
  • This is a great SEO tool for targeted local SEO because you can target your search to the local audience.
  • That is completely free of charge!


  • There are no current trends to observe
  • There are fewer relevant search terms for Google to offer as suggestions.
  • Keyword filters have been greatly reduced.


A helpful tool provided by Neil Patel is Ubersuggest and best for Keyword Research Tools in Seo


This free tool provides search volume data, keyword suggestions, an estimate of how difficult your keyword will be to rank for (keyword difficulty), and more.

Likewise, in addition to displaying a large quantity of suggestions for related keywords, you can view a list of the top 100 Google results for that keyword, with estimated visits, number of backlinks, a domain score, and a total number of social shares.

Additionally, when it is on the ‘Content Ideas’ section, it shows a selection of content associated with your keyword, estimated monthly visits, backlinks, and shares on Facebook and Pinterest.

When you sign into Ubersuggest with your Google account, you’ll gain access to a number of other tools, including daily keyword rank tracking, and keyword suggestions specifically targeted toward your needs.

To improve your workflow, UberSuggest comes with a Chrome extension that is part of the product as well.


  • Ubersuggest is even easier than the Keyword Planner of Google.
  • Gives you a bunch of fresh insights regarding keywords.
  • It gives fast results and simplified metrics.
  • It’s a really user-friendly platform that offers you great value without too much effort after a short test.


  • some limitations on target markets.
  • difficult to find results related to specific niche markets.
  • no mobile app for Ubersuggest.

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